Did you know we are entering ‘trauma season’?

ER or urgent care clinic? During ‘trauma season,’ here’s where experts recommend you take an injured child

Maybe because of my family’s recent experience with a traumatic bicycle accident (involved another bicyclist) in 2017  I am seeing more and more articles addressing this health and safety risk we all face at ANY age. Accidents CAN result in the need for long term care services or at the very least additional expenses outside of what your health or Medicare insurance coverage. This article provides some practical examples of prevention with a focus on our children.

We have found several insurance plans for individuals and in the workplace that cover accidents  including critical illness plans where paid benefits can be triggered by disease or accidents.  While you may or may not have begun your research into long term care insurance planning, please take a few moments to read the Tribune article above and a brochure from one of our valued carriers below.  There are now so many new alternatives to your LTC insurance planning which may be less expensive and target the cause versus the functional limitations resulting in the need for assistance at home or elsewhere.

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Information on Personal Accident Insurance that we are offering from Life Secure rated A+ by AM Best.