Long Term Care In The News

Ways to Help Employees Avoid Wasting HSA Dollars

Many workers aren’t using their pre-tax dollars as wisely as they could. But employers can help them avoid inappropriate care with tools that support informed medical … [Read More...]

What’s new in costs of long-term care

The Chicago Tribune and ThinkAdvisor comment on the rising costs of long-term care: $100,000 a year for a nursing home room? Report says long-term care costs surge Long-Term Care Cost Inflation Picks Up: Genworth … [Read More...]

November is LTC Awareness Month 2016

Long term care is not going away. In fact if you are you are reading this article and turning 50 this year you and a woman you will be likely to need long term care sometime in your life. … [Read More...]

Meet Gail Steingold, Principal

Meet Gail Steingold Gail is the founder and principal of Burling Insurance Group Long Term Care established in 2003.
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