Ways to Help Employees Avoid Wasting HSA Dollars

Many workers aren’t using their pre-tax dollars as wisely as they could. But employers can help them avoid inappropriate care with tools that support informed medical decision-making. https://www.benefitnews.com/opinion/how-to-help-employees-avoid-wasted-hsa-dollars … [Read more...]

What’s new in costs of long-term care

The Chicago Tribune and ThinkAdvisor comment on the rising costs of long-term care: $100,000 a year for a nursing home room? Report says long-term care costs surge Long-Term Care Cost Inflation Picks Up: Genworth … [Read more...]

November is LTC Awareness Month 2016

Long term care is not going away. In fact if you are you are reading this article and turning 50 this year you and a woman you will be likely to need long term care sometime in your life. … [Read more...]

How I used Improv skills to help people plan for care

About seven years ago I enrolled in The Second City Training Center in Chicago to study at the world famous Second City.  Second City has produced many amazing performers from Bill Murray to Tina Fey. I took the classes because when I auditioned in junior high for Milwaukee’s North Shore Childrens’ Theater, the director told my mother that I had a … [Read more...]

November is LTC Awareness Month!

Long-term care planning - It's time to start   November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month. Even the U.S. Congress has urged "the people of the United States to recognize (this) as an opportunity to learn more about the potential risks and costs … and the options available." We're proud to support this important educational … [Read more...]

“We Are Not Alone” – Thoughts on Ron Hagelman’s column, The Last Word on LTC

Thoughts on Ron Hagelman’s column, The Last Word on LTCI, in this month’s Broker World - an industry trade magazine is noteworthy for the general public and the market we serve throughout the country at Burling Insurance Group: “We Are Not Alone”.   Hagleman takes on the problem of long term care support, “Being unaware, uncommitted and … [Read more...]

Chicago Tribune Addresses LTC Insurance Claims

If you have not as yet explored your long term care plan, read the Chicago Tribune article, "Avoid traps that could block payment of long-term care insurance claim," on how you and your family will deal with a possible need for care in the home from a lifestyle and financial standpoint. Should an insurance policy be part of your plan (traditional … [Read more...]

Give Dad a big hug for Father’s Day – and also a long-term care policy

http://youtu.be/xT6S-YCagzQ Father's Day is coming up next Sunday - have you thought about what to give your Dad? Dads are an important part of our lives! Whether he was your dance partner, a Superhero, or your partner in crime, over the years Dad was quick to mend our broken hearts or fix our broken toys. Maybe some of us are fathers now, … [Read more...]

Optimistic Climate for Long Term Care Insurance Industry

I returned from the 14th Annual Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance held in Orlando Florida March 16-19. There were over 900 attendees- reportedly one of the largest number of LTC professionals to attend this meeting sponsored by the LTCI Section of the Society of Actuaries. While I am not an actuary, I have been a product manager at the former … [Read more...]

City of Washington, Illinois Tornado Relief & Recovery

To our Clients and Friends, A holiday donation was made on your behalf to the City of Washington, Illinois to aid in the tornado recovery efforts. The tornado hit central Illinois on November 17, 2013 and badly damaged over 1100 homes and a community. Burling Insurance Group is happy to help a cause that is so close to home. To learn more about … [Read more...]