Gail’s Book Club #1: Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old? by Joy Loverde

I highly recommend Joy Loverde’s recent publication Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old? Joy tunes into the inevitable journey that may inevitably be taken alone, or as she aptly describes as solo. During my years working in long term care facilities and home care I saw firsthand the solo traveler who still may have had adult children or … [Read more...]

Did you know we are entering ‘trauma season’?

ER or urgent care clinic? During 'trauma season,' here's where experts recommend you take an injured child Maybe because of my family's recent experience with a traumatic bicycle accident (involved another bicyclist) in 2017  I am seeing more and more articles addressing this health and safety risk we all face at ANY age. Accidents CAN result in … [Read more...]

Are you ever prepared for an accident?

Last summer, on a hot June morning, I received the call that no one wants to get: My husband, a safety-oriented, avid bicyclist in excellent physical shape, experienced a serious fall while on a group ride. He had left the house at 5:30am and, within two hours, was in the emergency room having sustained a traumatic head injury despite his helmet … [Read more...]

Ways to Help Employees Avoid Wasting HSA Dollars

Many workers aren’t using their pre-tax dollars as wisely as they could. But employers can help them avoid inappropriate care with tools that support informed medical decision-making. … [Read more...]

What’s new in costs of long-term care

The Chicago Tribune and ThinkAdvisor comment on the rising costs of long-term care: $100,000 a year for a nursing home room? Report says long-term care costs surge Long-Term Care Cost Inflation Picks Up: Genworth … [Read more...]

Chicago Tribune Addresses LTC Insurance Claims

If you have not as yet explored your long term care plan, read the Chicago Tribune article, "Avoid traps that could block payment of long-term care insurance claim," on how you and your family will deal with a possible need for care in the home from a lifestyle and financial standpoint. Should an insurance policy be part of your plan (traditional … [Read more...]